Stop Calling it a “Diet”

Stop Calling it a “Diet”

How many people do you know that are always on a “diet?” They “just started keto…totally no carbs,” or are “Eating caveman foods only bro!”, or maybe they “Only eat one giant meal before I go to bed!”…

Now, how many of those people are still on their so-called diet two weeks later? Two months? Two years? Right…probably not many of them. Furthermore, how many of them actually achieved noticeable changes in weigh and/or appearance and maintained them? Again…probably not many.

So, WHY do these diets not work? Well, it’s not that they don’t work. Any diet can work. Keto, Paleo, caveman, Atkins, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, etc. all work perfectly fine when strictly adhered to. The problem is the approach – the very concept of “dieting.” Dieting usually implies a temporary set of parameters that one follows in order to lose or gain weight. However, what happens when the diet is over? Even if you achieved impressive results employing a particular diet, once you stop and old habits return…the results leave even faster than they came.

Well, obviously we just need to stay on a “diet” forever, right? Perhaps, but how many of you can honestly give up carbohydrates for the rest of your life? How about the occasional alcoholic beverage? Processed foods? Will you always be able to maintain an extreme set of nutritional parameters when life gets in the way? Times such as

  • Birthdays
  • Date night
  • Vacation
  • Business trips
  • Late nights at the office

Of course not…and you shouldn’t have to. Life is short and the last thing that should get in the way of enjoying it is your “diet.” Instead, why not design a personalized nutrition plan that considers your age, job, lifestyle, amount of exercise, and even your favorite snacks? One that you can adjust whenever you set a new goal or simply need a change.

Your diet (if we must call it that) should revolve around your life, not the other way around. At the end of the day, the only diet I recommend is one that you will adhere to.