Machines are for Soccer Moms and Weekend Warriors…Right?

Machines are for Soccer Moms and Weekend Warriors…Right?

You’re a big, strong guy… and you’re only looking to get bigger and stronger. So, naturally when you walk into your local gym, you head straight for the weights. Barbells and dumbbells are where the real gains are made! Leave the machines for your girlfriend and the geriatrics…right?


Like so many misconceptions and fallacies that exist in the world of bro science, the notion that machines are somehow inferior to free weights is simply not true. In fact, there are many reasons why you should sometimes opt for a Hammer Strength Incline Press machine over an old-fashioned barbell incline bench press. But before we get to those reasons, let’s clear something up – the pro’s ARE USING MACHINES. That’s right, Mr. Olympia LOVES MACHINES. They may show off with 200lb dumbbell rows and bend bars with plates spilling off both sides while benching in their training videos…but that’s mostly for show. They are just giving the audience what they desire – huge guys lifting huge weights.

So…why should you consider adding machines into your routine (besides the fact that pro bodybuilders twice your size use them)? Well, let’s see…


First and foremost, machines are safer than free weights. You can put forth maximum effort on a Hammer Strength machine of any variety without fear of crushing yourself under an enormous load when you reach failure. This means you can still throw up some serious weight without a spotter. Additionally, since these machines have a fixed path of motion, there is no chance of you losing control of heavy weight and veering off in the wrong direction.


Because you are pushing/pulling in a fixed path and do not have to worry about balance, you can focus solely on contracting the muscle group(s) involved in the movement. The mind muscle connection is arguably the single most important factor in successfully building appreciable muscle mass, and the more you can concentrate on the muscles involved in a lift…the greater your potential to further develop those muscles will be.


Seeing that machines are generally safer and allow for greater focus on the muscle group being trained, it is only natural that they offer advantages when it comes to isolating a particular muscle group. The majority of machines provide stability in the form of a seat and/or chest/back rest, so balance is not a major concern.



Simply put, machines are easy to use. For a beginner, walking into a new gym can be a daunting experience. This is especially true if you do not have the benefit of a personal trainer. Machines typically offer some instructions on how to properly use the equipment.


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