How to Bring Up Lagging Muscle Groups

How to Bring Up Lagging Muscle Groups

Look guys, 99% of us were not gifted with the genetics of Greek Gods. You know, the kind of genetics that lead to PERFECTLY symmetrical and balanced physiques, like the freaks on the Olympia stage. Bummer, I know. So…what do we do about it?

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Most people have a habit of training their favorite body parts not just more often, but with more intensity. For instance, how many guys do see that dedicate more than a few half-hearted sets to calves or forearms vs 2-hour long, all out chest sessions? Those same people will then go on to complain how their calves and forearms “just won’t grow!” Well, not with that approach they won’t.

How to attack lagging body parts EFFECTIVELY:

  1. Train them at the beginning of you weightlifting session, not the end. This ensures you can give maximal effort to that muscle group, rather than treating it like an afterthought at the end of your “real” workout.
  2. Increase frequency – increasing the frequency at which any muscle group is trained provides more stimulus for it to grow. This is particularly effective with smaller muscle groups as they do not need nearly as long to recover as the larger ones. Aim for 2 – 3 times per week for your lagging body parts.
  3. Count your reps and your weight. We are still going for an eventual progressive overload here, not just chasing the pump. Tracking your numbers is crucial to ensure measurable progress when bringing up a lagging muscle group.
  4. ROM – just like with any other muscle groups, your lagging ones need a FULL range of motion. Half reps with deliver half the results.


Calf Growth Routine Example

Mon, Wed & Sat

3 sets standing calf raises:                             10 – 12 reps

3 sets seated calf raises:                                15 – 20 reps

3 sets leg press machine calf presses:           20 – 30 reps

Forearm Growth Routine Example

Tue, Fri & Sun

3 sets barbell wrist curls:                               10 – 12 reps

3 sets reverse curls:                                      15 – 20 reps

3 sets rope wrist roller:                                   20 – 30 reps